Eco Friendly Food Packaging Market

Eco Friendly Food Packaging Market

Biodegradable Food Packaging in Supermarket
Food containers from Easy Green have high transparent anti-fog lid, which can perfectly display the food and improve the value of food package.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Delivery Market
Delivery Services
Takeaway food packaging from Easy Green have excellent stacking function, which can transport food without leak.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Bakery & Patisserie Market
Bakery & Patisserie
Our heating biodegradable lunch boxes are widely used in baking, not only easy to use in the oven, microwave, but also can keep foods fresh.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Restaurant
Our biodegradable fast food boxes are widely used in restaurants, making it easy for diners to enjoy their foods,and easy to take away as well.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Canteen
Our lunch boxes are suitable for canteen to meet the needs of diners with multiple foods and different portions.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Party & Camping
Party & Camping
Our disposable food containers are suitable for parties and can be customized in different style and color to meet the party atmosphere and easy to clean up.
Biodegradable Food Packaging for Food Manufacturer
Food Manufacturer
Our compostable eco-friendly take out food containers are suitable for food manufacturer, which are convenient to be used on food production line, easy storage and transportation, food preservation is excellent.
Biodegradable Food Packaging in Catering
Our food containers are widely used for catering, to meet the needs of a variety of foods, different temperature, different capacity.