Bagasse Food Packaging

Bagasse Food Packaging

Choose Suitable Bagasse Food Packaging For You

Bagasse Food Box

Disposable Bagasse Food Boxs are with differnt shapes and compartments. Normally we have bagasse takeaway boxes for hot or cold food with PP/PET lid for your choice.The square, rectangle or round takeaway containers are also great for food dilivery.
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Types of Bagasse Clamshell

Bagasse Clamshell

Easy Green white pulp clamshell boxes are designed for takeaway and delivery, which is environmental protective and food safety. It’s waterproof, oil-proof and degradable. Our containers are available for customization of shape, logo printing,inner packaging to meet our client's requirements.
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Different Types of Bagasse Bowl

Bagasse Bowl

Sugarcane bagasse disposable bowl with lids from Easy Green is nontoxic, harmless, hearthy and sanitaty, with variety of sizes and shape for your choice. Bagasse round bowl or square bowl can be put into microwave oven and freezer. It can be used to pack fruits, salads, soups, rice, etc.
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Different Types of Bagasse Plate

Bagasse Tray & Plate

Biodegradable sugarcane bagasse plates from Easy Green which have 1 compartment,2 comparments,3 compartments. Compostable sugarcane plates are suitable for serving roasted chicken, soup noodle, pasta, and other hot foods. Perfect for all occasions such as camping, picnics, lunches, catering, BBQs, events, parties, weddings and restaurants.
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Different Types of Wholesale Bagasse Cutlery

Bagasse Cutlery

Easy Green high quality disposable cutlery made from 100% natural sustainable & renewable Wheat Straw fiber (NO Bleach) Naturally Strong & Sturdy, Safe for Food. This disposable tableware ideal for restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, parties, and other types of food service.
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Types of Bagasse Cup & Lid

Bagasse Cup & Lid

Disposable soy sauce cups are different capacity designs to meet customers' requirements for different capacities. Host an event, impressing guests with earth-conscious dinnerware, while making cleanup easy with these compostable bowls or have an intimate family get-together celebrating not having to do the dishes.
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Bagasse Packaging Process

Bagasse Packaging Process


We will do raw material inspection, so that we can better ensure our product quality.

Beating And Pulping

Beating and pulping can fully break raw pulp board, which can make the product smoother.

Molding And Finalizing

Molding and finalizing can be sterilized at high temperature, to ensure that the bagasse food packaging product meets food grade use.


Trimming and cutting off excess edge, to ensure the integrity and beauty of the biodegradable bagasse food packaging product.


We will test the product quality and do an inspection every half an hour. About the test, it is generally 100 degrees of water, and 120 degrees of oil, and the test time would be around 30 minutes.


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