Disposable Food Trays with Compartments

Disposable Food Trays with Compartments

Multi-use of Disposable Food Trays with Compartments

Multi-use of Disposable Food Trays with Compartments


Compartment disposable box are widely used. Convenient and practical, when the lunch box is separated and packed, different products are packaged separately, which does not affect the taste. The lunch box is equipped with a transparent cover to clearly display the food, which is easy to distinguish and facilitate sales.


Compartment plastic container are waterproof and oil-proof. The product meets the requirements of food-grade production, and the food is packaged safely. It is convenient to pack for going out parties, and it is designed in separate compartments, making it safe and hygienic to eat. Currently widely used in the catering industry, supermarkets and families.


Compartment containers can be quantified when packing. Of course, the biggest benefit for weight loss is to facilitate energy control. Put all the food of your own meal on a plate, know the amount of your own food, and eat from the original casual to healthy eating.


For some restaurants, the use of disposable tableware is not only a hygienic problem, but also a better choice for some restaurants that are not proficient in washing technology. It can save time and manpower for some restaurants.


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