Introduction to the Characteristics of Two Paper Cups

Mar 09, 2023

Disposable paper cups were invented by a man named Moore in the 20th century, and with the development of society, the use of disposable paper cups has become increasingly widespread. Advertising cups have also become an indispensable daily item in today's life. Paper cups can be divided into "cold drink cups" and "hot drink cups". You may think that paper cups are only for cold and hot water, what could be the difference? In fact, due to the different uses and processing forms, the quality requirements for paper cup materials are also different for these two types of cups. Customized materials for disposable paper cups must not only meet the requirements of packaging and processing performance, but also have certain suitability for printing, and the printing of paper cups must also meet the heat sealing conditions in the cup forming process. Let's take a look at the characteristics of various types of paper cups.

1. Hot Drink Paper Cups

Usually used in the packaging industry for hot drink products, the processing material is paper with one side coated with PE, which is directly printed on the non-PE side. Due to the needs of hot drinks, this type of paper cup needs to have a certain thermal insulation after processing. Therefore, usually these products require paper with a certain thickness and hardness to increase the thermal insulation of the printed cup. Due to the market demand, cup printing has become a promotional tool used by many manufacturers, so many exquisite printing patterns also adorn the paper cups, providing consumers with a good visual experience. The printing of single-layer PE paper is carried out on the paper, so the impact of paper on printing is similar to that of ordinary paper, except that the ink used must meet the requirements of food hygiene.

2. Cold Drink Paper Cups

According to the different processing methods, there are two types: one is printed on the raw paper for paper cups, which has good anti-seepage properties, and the other is paper with PE composite on both sides, which has anti-seepage properties. Coffee cups are also a type of disposable paper cup, which is hollow and has a thermal insulation effect with two layers, but there is a gap between the two layers, hence it is called a coffee cup. The quality of coffee cups is much higher than that of ordinary paper cups, and the service life of coffee cups is much longer than that of ordinary paper cups or single-layer paper cups. Single-layer paper cups are a type of disposable paper cup, also known as single-sided coated paper cups, which are cups with a smooth PE coating inside, generally used for holding drinking water for people to consume. The difference between coffee cups and single-layer paper cups: coffee cups are higher in quality, flatness, and service life than single-layer paper cups, but coffee cups are mid-range paper cups, and their prices are higher than those of single-layer paper cups commonly used in cafes.

Finally, let's take a look at the storage method of disposable paper cups: the packaging bag of corrugated paper cups should be sealed and packaged in a box, not scattered outside, to avoid yellowing and dampness. Advertising paper cups should be stored in a dry place after packaging. Paper cups with good quality can be stored for 1-2 years, otherwise, they can only be stored for about six months.