Different Types of Wholesale Bagasse Cutlery

Bagasse Cutlery

Different Types of Wholesale Bagasse Cutlery

Advantages of Bagasse Cutlery

Advantages of Bagasse Cutlery

Take Away Food

The sugarcane bagasse cutlery is a mixture of plant fibers which is 100% eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable. They are mainly made of 70% sugarcane and 30% bamboo, which is non-toxic and odorless, expecially suitable for all kinds of take away food.

Apply for All Kinds of Scenes

The sugarcane fiber cutlery apply for all kinds of scenes, such as Café, Canteen, restaurant, deli, etc. The cutlery is microwavable with hot resistance up to 120℃. Besides it can hold both hot and cold dishes, water and oilproof. With its good-locking capacity, it can remain the food fresh and non-polluted in a long perior.

Professional Manufacturer

We are professional manufacturer with nearly 20 years producing and exporting experiences. The customers are all over the world, and the main clients are in Europe and North-America. The high-tech automatic equipments gaurentee the stabable quality and beautiful price. What's more the production time is within 30 days.

Custom Sugarcane Cutlery

The custom sugarcane cutlery is available. According to the needs of customers, we provide VIP service to fulfill the dedamds. From new mold making, custom logo design, colored logo printing, multi colored sugarcane fiber, inner packing,lable sticking, to custom packing carton, we can provide economicle solution for you.


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