Which Printing Method Is Better Forbiodegradable Flatware Made of Pulp?

Apr 29, 2023

Classification of pulp molding biodegradable flatware printing 

Printing is generally classified as screen, transfer, and laser printing, etc. Screen printing is mostly used for flatsurfaceprinting; Screen printing can be used for both flat and convex surfaces, and colors can generally be printed within 4 colors; Laser printing (also known as inkjet printing) is mainly a non-contact printing, which can also print within 4 colors.

Classification of biodegradable cutlery biodegradable flatware printing ink 

It is classified into natural biological food-grade ink, food-grade ink, and industrial ink according to environmental protection.

Natural biological food-grade ink refers to food-grade ink obtained through biological extraction from natural plants, which has a direct contact link to food, directly attached to ink on food, and should be called edible ink. In fact, it is food, only with the function of expressing words and colors, such as the words and patterns printed on cakes. This type of ink has direct contact with food, such as the ink on the inner wall coating and text of a canned drink, ink on the surface of a desiccant packaging bag mixed in food, and printing packaging products directly wrapped around food. These inks must be made from materials that meet the standards. This type of ink has the highest safety and the highest price.

The commonly known food-grade ink refers to the ink used for food packaging printing, while the ink printed on paper pulp Environmentally Friendly Disposable Cutlerypackaging materials belongs to auxiliary materials for packaging materials, it is not edible. This type of ink is the printing ink for a larger amount of food packaging materials, which does not have direct contact with food, and the ink is separated by packaging materials with barrier function. Therefore, the ink imprint must meet the relevant quality requirements and basic safety and hygiene requirements for auxiliary packaging materials.

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