Several Little-known Facts About Sugarcane Juice Tableware

Apr 25, 2023

Single-use tableware is ubiquitous in our lives due to its low cost and convenience, even though the habit of using plastic persists even in the current situation of plastic restrictions. However, now with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the influence of low-carbon living, environmentally friendly food packaging materials such as sugarcane pulp lunch boxes are gradually occupying a place in the market.

Sugarcane pulp belongs to pulp, which is the residual sugarcane bagasse after sugar extraction, and is made into tableware through steps such as pulping, screening, adjusting, forming, cutting, disinfecting, and finishing. Sugarcane fiber is a medium-length fiber with moderate strength and toughness, making it a relatively suitable material for molded products.

The characteristics of sugarcane fiber residue allow it to naturally intertwine into a tight mesh structure, which can be made into tableware for people to use. This new type of green tableware has good hardness, meets the needs of take-out packaging and household food storage, and is environmentally friendly, safe, and can be naturally degraded, decomposing into organic matter in the natural environment.

These organic materials are usually carbon dioxide and water. If the leftovers and sugarcane pulp lunch boxes are composted together, wouldn't it save time for garbage classification? In addition, sugarcane residue can also be directly composted daily, processed with a microbial ripening agent, and directly placed in flower pots to improve soil texture and acidity and alkalinity.

The production process of environmentally friendly food packaging material sugarcane pulp is plant fiber molded

One of its advantages is its high plasticity. Nowadays, environmentally friendly food packaging material tableware made of sugarcane pulp basically meets the needs of household life and gatherings with friends and family. They are also used in some high-end mobile phone holders, gift box packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

There is no pollution or wastewater discharge during the production of environmentally friendly food packaging material sugarcane pulp tableware

The product's safety testing and quality of use meet the standards, and one of the highlights of sugarcane pulp tableware is that it can be heated in a microwave (up to 120°C), hold hot water up to 100°C, and be refrigerated in a fridge.

With the continuous adjustment of environmental protection policies, biodegradable and environmentally friendly food packaging materials have emerged in the market like mushrooms after rain, and environmentally friendly food packaging materials will gradually replace plastic products in the future.