What Material Are Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging Made Of?

Apr 23, 2023

Materials used in environmentally friendly lunch boxes are harmless to the human body, and the production process does not cause pollution to the environment. The product quality fully complies with national food hygiene requirements, and the products have the characteristics of easy recycling, disposal, or consumption after use. So, what materials are used for environmentally friendly food packaging lunch boxes?

Paper-based environmentally friendly food packaging lunch box

Paper is the most familiar material to people. "Replacing plastic with paper" naturally becomes the first solution that people think of. The paper-based technology uses pulp as raw materials to produce disposable lunch boxes in moulds and dry them.

Advantages: These environmentally friendly wholesale plastic lunch boxes made by this method are known as "environmentally friendly products" due to their non-toxic, harmless, easy recycling, renewable, and degradable advantages. This is currently a better alternative technology with a comprehensive evaluation.

Degradable material environmentally friendly food packaging lunch box

The manufacturing material of this type of lunch box is degradable plastic. Degradable plastic means that a certain amount of additives such as photosensitizer and starch are added during the production process of plastic.

Advantages: degradable plastic products can be broken down into fragments after being exposed to the environment for at least three months after use, at least improving the environment in terms of visual impact.

Plant fiber material environmentally friendly food packaging lunch box

This technology is to crush plant fibres, such as straw, rice straw, and sugarcane residue, to obtain fiber powder, and then mix it with a certain amount of glue or resin, and inject it into a mold at high pressure and temperature.

Advantages: The products produced by this technology have good degradation properties and rich raw material sources.

Biodegradable material environmentally friendly food packaging lunch box

Biodegradable environmentally friendly food packaging lunch boxes are relatively advanced environmentally friendly products. it mainly uses starch as the main raw material, adding one-year plant fiber powder and special additives, and processing it chemically and physically to make biodegradable fast food boxes.

Advantages: Since starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it decomposes into glucose under the action of microorganisms and finally decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. In addition, the materials mixed with it are also fully biodegradable materials, so it can be said that it has no impact on the environment. The main source of production raw materials is one-year plants such as corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava.

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