What Are the Environmentally-Friendly Disposable Utensils?

Apr 14, 2023

Take-out fast food brings convenience to people, but plastic packaging bags, disposable dishes, etc. also bring problems to the environment. With the gradual strengthening of people's environmental awareness, environmentally degradable disposable tableware is entering people's lives. So what are the biodegradable disposable dishes currently available on the market?

Biodegradable disposable dishes: sugarcane paper cups

As the name suggests, sugarcane paper cups are made from sugar cane residue that has been refined into pulp, processed through molds to vacuum adsorption forming, dried, and then processed through advanced scientific and technological treatments to create disposable paper cups which are suitable for cold and hot drinks such as coffee and juice. After use, it can be recycled, and if buried, it can decompose in natural conditions in 45-90 days. It will not cause harm to land or marine life. After degradation, it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water, which can be used for composting and as plant nutrients, achieving recycling and reuse.

Biodegradable disposable dishes: packaging boxes

Disposable environmentally-friendly tableware made from biodegradable plants such as bamboo, reed, wheat straw, and sugarcane that have been deeply processed, without plastic, odor-free and waterproof, can hold both hot and cold foods, and are suitable for takeaway packaging, canteens, and home gatherings. The solid color of the paper-based compostable disposable cutlery can also meet the requirements of manual design patterns, making takeout appear of higher quality and like it is exclusive.

Biodegradable disposable dishes: Corn starch

It is mainly made from corn starch using advanced high-tech production processes. It is made from natural corn starch and plant fibers such as biological polyester, polyols, and polystyrene. Due to its high starch content, corn starch tableware can be easily distinguished as real or fake; genuine corn starch disposable tableware has a pale yellow or milky white color under natural light, and does not have dark colors. Moreover, because the added polystyrene material is not easily degradable, only partial degradation can be achieved.

Biodegradable disposable dishes: Sugarcane spoons and forks

Sugarcane juice forks and spoons are suitable for takeaway packaging from family gatherings, birthday parties, Western restaurants, and dessert shops. The small paper knives, forks, and spoons have enough rigidity to cut apples. The material is also made from sugarcane fibers and is food-grade, safe, and odorless. The workmanship is exquisite, not easy to break, without debris, and also does not require logging, making it the preferred replacement for wooden and disposable forks.

There are many types of biodegradable and environmentally-friendlydisposable utensils, including bowls, plates, and dishes made from plant fibers. It covers all aspects of our lives, and is believed to become the norm in the future.