Biodegradable Materials Set a New Trend in Tea Drinks

Apr 21, 2023

In this fast-paced era, I believe many of us love coffee. After finishing a cup of coffee, do you throw the paper cup into the recyclable or non-recyclable bin? There seems to be no standard answer to this question because disposable cups are quite common.

Eco-friendly food packaging material gradually comes into public view

The paper coffee cups we purchase usually consist of three parts, the top cover, the middle paper cup, and the heat insulation paper sleeve provided by the coffee shop. Some of these three parts are recyclable, some are non-recyclable, and some are somewhere in between.

First of all is the top cover which belongs to the group that is somewhere in between. If there is a recyclable symbol on the top cover, it indicates that it can be recycled, however, if there is no symbol, it belongs to the "opposing camp" and needs to be thrown into the trash can.

As the name suggests, heat insulation paper sleeves are generally made of recyclable paper and should be thrown into the recyclable bin.

The center paper cup is the most controversial. Although disposable paper cups are made of paper, the most critical part is the waterproof plastic lining inside the cup that cannot be recycled. Pure paper cups cannot withstand the dual attack of the heat and humidity of the coffee. Additionally, the thin layer of plastic is also harmful. When filling hot drinks, the microplastic layer degrades and releases plastic particles into the hot beverage. For this reason, paper cups cannot be recycled and can only be buried. Paper cups take 10 years to degrade, while plastic takes 30 years. Therefore, try to use non-plastic-coated disposable paper cups as little as possible in daily life. Instead, choose non-coated pulp paper cups, which although simple, are environmentally friendly and safe.

Biodegradable coffee cup is naturally environmentally friendly

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the pioneering consciousness of various enterprises, biodegradable coffee cup has gradually appeared in coffee shops.

Biodegradable paper cup is generally made of biodegradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA), poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHA), and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Biodegradable materials include photodegradable materials, environmentally degradable materials, and widely used biodegradable materials. Using a PLA composite film and pulp molding process, a fully biodegradable paper cup made from natural sugarcane and wheat straw can be recycled and after a period of time, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment, achieving a green, safe, and pollution-free result. Eco-friendly food packaging material is practical and environmentally friendly disposable tableware.

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