Degradable Food Packaging Makes Food Sustainable

Apr 19, 2023

Living in today's fast-paced world, takeaway food has become an indispensable part of most people's lives. Although disposable tableware has an impact on human health and causes pollution and stress to the environment, it cannot be denied that it is convenient to use, has low production costs, and there is no burden when using it.

However, in the process of ordering takeout, it is often seen that the lid is not tightly sealed, the soup spills out, the food becomes cold, which is frustrating. Why can't the packaging be sturdy, safe, and environmentally friendly?

A new type of biodegradable food packaging

Some biodegradable food packaging manufacturers have introduced a type of environmentally friendly packaging pulp molded sealing film that is suitable for take-out with soup, high oil resistance, leakage resistance, and high temperature resistance.

The lunch box is made of sugarcane plant fiber, and the coating of high-strength paper with waterproof, oil-proof, and heat-resistant functions is selected as the paper cover film. Under the action of heat and pressure, the lunch box and cover film can be tightly sealed. The lunch box can be recycled and naturally degraded, achieving sustainable development of food packaging.

To make food and drink sustainable and promote environmental protection throughout every corner, the entire market operation and cooperation are needed. Biodegradable food packaging utensils have been widely used in the catering industry in recent years like a treasure discovered. Paper-plastic lunch boxes are suitable for fresh food packaging and lunch box manufacturers, and can fully meet the performance requirements of food packaging such as environmental protection, safety, waterproof, oil-proof, and degradability. It is the ideal choice to replace traditional plastic lunch boxes.

Biodegradable food packaging promotes the development of a circular economy

Pulp molding can be used to make curved fruit trays for transportation of fresh fruit to prevent collision between fruits and prevent fruits from rotting and deteriorating, thus effectively protecting the freshness of fruits.

Without concerns about potential harm to the environment and human health, biodegradable food packaging utensils can be directly recycled after use, or can be thrown away and degraded, promoting the construction of a circular economy. The combination of pulp molded lunch boxes and waistbands can develop in parallel with beauty and brand communication.

Currently, with the upgrade of pulp molding technology and the promotion and support of plastic ban and restriction policies, biodegradable food packaging utensils will become a regular feature at the dining table in the future.

As an environmental protection company with decades of professional knowledge in food packaging, Easy Green's values of biodegradable food packaging are always supreme. Our values influence every business decision we make and encourage us to better meet the needs of our customers and consumers. As we look to the future, these values are the beacon that guides us in achieving our goals.