What Is a Single- and Double-Barrier Disposable Biodegradable Meal Box?

May 05, 2023

Single anti-pulp molded compostable tableware products

Usually refers to waterproof products, which have a certain proportion of waterproof additives (food-grade and industrial-grade) added to the pulp slurry to achieve waterproof effect. Single-anti products are mostly used in disposable seedling cups for agriculture, some fruit pulp trays and meat pulp trays compostable tableware, etc.

Double anti-pulp molded compostable tableware products

Refers to adding a certain proportion of waterproof and oil-resistant agents to the pulp slurry to achieve the waterproof and oil-resistant effect of the product. The waterproof effect is generally between minus 18 ℃ and 100 ℃; the oil-resistant effect is from several degrees to 220 ℃, and double-anti products can be used during microwave heating and oven baking. Double-anti products are mostly suitable for food packaging compostable tableware.

Laminating products compostable tableware

Refers to the process of combining compounding film with moulded products with or without any additives. The composite film has strong tensile strength, and the composite product can better Insulation, reducing the heat dissipation through the pores of the moulded product, and laminating compostable tableware can reduce the stickiness of foods such as rice and dumplings, and greatly reduce the use of waterproof and oil-resistant agents.

The composite film is generally divided into PP, PE, PET, CPET, PBAT, PLA, etc. The commonly used composite film is PLA and PBAT. PLA is a new type of biodegradable material made from renewable plant resources (such as corn) to produce starch raw materials, which is all degradable film. This technology mainly relies on imports from the United States, Japan, Germany, and Taiwan, and the price is expensive and the quantity is limited.

PBAT is a copolymer of butanedioic acid and butanediol phthalate, which has the characteristics of both PBA and PBT and has good elongation and elongation. It also has good heat resistance and impact resistance. It also has excellent biodegradability and is one of the most active and marketable biodegradable plastics. One, its price is much lower than PLA, and it can be produced domestically in China. Therefore, PBAT is currently the most widely used composite material in moulded products.

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