Different Types of Custom Paper Tray & Food Boat

Custom Paper Tray & Food Boat

Different Types of Custom Paper Tray & Food Boat

Color Choose of Custom Paper Tray

Color Choose of Custom Paper Tray


The paper food tray with natural or brown color is original color and the most popular hot sale standard color. It represent pure and natural, so than we can see brown paper boxes for food packaging everywhere. Our natural and brown paper food trays can be printed or stick customized logo or slogen.


White cardboard paper food trays can be found in the majority of bakery, deli or coffee shop. The white color is also common and popular among the food industry, because white is a versatile color, symbolizing purity and health, which can better bring out the deliciousness of food.

Red Checkered

Red checkered paper food tray is a special and lovly color. It looks energetic and unique, therefore, many fancy chain restaurants and delis like using red checkered paper food tray. Using this designed food grade paper food tray could increase the added value of the brand and enhance customer dining experience.

Pink, Blue, Black or Patern

The Easy Green provide customized printing and design paper food tray solutions to fulfill all the customers' needs. In the modern society, with outstanding paper food tray pacaking is becoming more and more important and necessary. The high quality Easy Green colored wholesale food trays is your best choice!


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