Different Types of Disposable Plastic Tray

Plastic Tray

Advantages of Disposable Plastic Tray

Advantages of Disposable Plastic Tray

Safe and Hygienic

Easy Green plastic food trays with lids is made of food grade plastic material, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic. It can be in direct contact with food, environmentally friendly and healthy, with smooth and shiny surface, and low temperature and refrigerate.

High Transparency Anti-fog Cover

Easy Green plastic trays for food have adopt OPS lid, high transparency anti-fog cover, in fridge, no foggy increase visibity. High transparent lid with Great vision, can give your customers an irresistible sneak peek inside containers with a clear plastic lids!

Strong In Sealing

The lid of Easy Green disposable plastic food trays is strong in sealing, preventing leakage, layering up and down, keeping fresh and not odor. And the lid can be stacked, it is safe, stable and not slippery. Excellent solution for take away food.

Keep Food Fresh

Easy Green disposable plastic trays with lids are water proof, oil proof and leak-proof, and can keep your food fresh. Has diverse styles, multipie sepcifications and color for your choice.  It is a great size for serving sashimi, sushi, gyoza, shumai, and more!


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