Different Types of Cornstarch Container

Cornstarch Container

Benefits of Cornstarch Container

Benefits of Cornstarch Container

Decompose Within

The Easy Green Corn Starch Container packaging are made from corn and plastic, it will decompose within several months of being in a specific composting environment. The material comes from nature, when it decompose which can be planted again and without toxins.

65% Less Energy to Be Produced

Our disposable corn starch containers need 65% less energy to be produced than conventional plastics, so the cost the competitive with conventional plastic one. Besides, our corn starch containers are free of BPAs and phthalate, so no worries about endocrine disruption.


The apperance of corn starch containers are with differnt sizes and shapes. Some of them are with multi-compartments to fulfill differnt demand of customers. Also the custom color, custom logo or slogen of containers are available.

High Quality Service

Disposable corn starch containers are perfect for fancy chain restaurant, hotel and canteen, where you require high quality service and experience, then our corn starch containers could be your best solution.


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